Most relationships start like there are fireworks every time the two people are together. Both of you could not get enough of each other. You enjoy the times you spend together and cant wait to do it again. There is chemistry growing between the two of you that seems to bind and fuse you every time you spend time with each other. Sparks seem to fly when you get together, and more and more people tend to notice the chemistry between the two of you.

Everybody tends to say that two people have chemistry when they are fit for each other. It’s more than just cliché. It’s just the way the couple seems to click. You know you have chemistry with another person when your knees start shaking every time you are near her, you begin to stammer, your stomach feels like a haven for butterflies, and you get all sweaty all the time. Chemistry could be another word for love. But in some cases, the chemistry might be gone, but love could still be present. Hence, some people would like to revive the chemistry in their relationship because they still love the person and would like to make the relationship better; like that way it used to be when they fell in love with one another.
The rush one gets when they are in love. It feels like having a triple shot of espresso. It appears like you are always high and on top of the world. Your heart is racing every time you are near your partner, and you develop strong feelings that are just constantly nagging for attention. You can’t explain what it is, but it is there. But after a certain time, some relationships get past the chemistry, and the momentum wanes. You have gone past the “honeymoon period.” Many couples strive to get their chemistry back.

Here are some tips on how to get your chemistry back.

Chemistry can either be physical and emotional. Physical chemistry deals with the way we are attracted to our parents on the physical level. In some relationships, the partners tend to be too relaxed and comfortable that they tend to let go of their physical looks. When this happens, one partner may lose their physical attraction and their physical chemistry as well. Some cases have shown that physical chemistry may also be about the great sex they have. When you forget this type of chemistry, and the sex becomes too regular and boring, the physical chemistry may be lost. Loss of attention to the physical attributes and physical contact is what causes these problems. Try to get yourself back in shape and make an effort to look better for your partner. Doing such will show that you don’t take your partner for granted and that you still want to look good for them. With regards to sex, try to be adventurous. Think of ways that can spice up your sexual activities to make them more exciting and adventurous for both of you. This will rekindle the physical chemistry that has decreased over the years.

The problem with emotional chemistry could be because you have grown tired of your partner. You may have gotten used to your routine. Refresh your emotional chemistry for each other by taking in a new perspective about each other. Take vacations, act out your fantasies, be open to one another and find a solution on how to bring the sparks back to each other. Try to discover what both of you want out of the relationship and build on that. Be open to new ideas and never contradict them. The less fight, the better. It is to strengthen the ties that bind you together. If you truly love one another, you will find out how to get the chemistry back in your relationship.